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FultonTec is a high quality technical ceramic manufacturer supplying frac proppant to oil/gas fields all over the world. We produce a full range of ceramic proppant with mesh sizes of 6/12, 8/16, 10/14, 12/18, 12/20, 16/30, 16/20, 20/40, 30/50, 30/60, 30/70, 40/70, 40/80, 70/140. The quality of our proppant is well above the API/ISO standards at competitive prices.

The recovery of oil and gas from underground geological formations is increasingly of great importance world-wide. Over time, individual well productivity declines due to changes in and depletion of reservoir fluid characteristics, reduced reservoir energy or decreasing permeability of the oil or natural gas wells. In response to declining productivity, oil or gas well stimulation applications have been developed. The two main techniques are hydraulic fracturing and gravel packing operations, both techniques involve the use of solid proppant material.

In hydraulic fracturing, fluid is pumped from the surface into an oil or gas bearing sub-surface at a rate and pressure high enough to cause a formation failure or fracture. In order to hold the fracture open, a propping agent or proppant is blended into fluid and injected into the formation to fill the underground fracture, preventing collapse and thereby permitting the hydrocarbons to flow more freely into the wellbore after hydraulic treating pressure is released. Once the proppant has been placed into the fracture, the fluid flows out of the well leaving the proppant in place. In this way, the proppant creates a permeable pathway through which oil and gas can flow into the well bore, increasing access to the overall reservoir area, and as a result will be able to increase the production significantly.

Hydraulic fracturing offers a means to part a formation with fluid pressure and create highly conductive flow paths extending laterally from the wellbore to increase production. While in gravel packing, proppant material is pumped into sub-surface offshore formations to act as a filtering mechanism to minimize fine particles from sand formations from flowing with the formation liquids to the borehole. Sand inhibits production and causes damage to equipment. The oil and gas industry today continues to rely on fracturing to develop resources in mature basins and other areas with marginal production economics since the inception of hydraulic fracturing in the late 1940s.

FultonTec manufactures four major specifications of ceramic proppant:

-         FTecHSP    (high strength)

-         FTecISP     (intermediate)

-         FTecLite     (lightweight)

-         FTecUltra   (ultra lightweight)

In the meantime, we also produce special quality or tailor-made products according to customers’ specific requirements, such as our FTecProp ceramic proppant, an economic type of intermediate. FultonTec also manufactures conventional frac sands FTecSand mined from our own sand deposits. FTecSand is similar to Brady sand of USA in terms of physical/chemical and conductivity properties with mean particle size of 0.68mm. It has standard mesh sizes of 70/140, 40/70, 30/50, 20/40, 16/30, 16/20, 12/20, which is renowned for its exceptional strength, good sphericity and roundness, and higher percentage of plus 30 and 20 mesh.

Our proppant are packed in 1.5 or 2.25 metric ton jumbo bags, and can be shipped to any major ports of the world by 20’ container or break-bulk transportation. Upon request, we can also deliver proppants to customers’ warehouses/bulk plants or directly to customers’ well head in bulk.

In all, our products readily exceedISO13503-2:2006/API RP-19Crecommendations, and continue to set higher standards for quality, consistency and conductivity for proppant industry.

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