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FultonTec ceramic fracturing proppants have been tested and approved respectively by Stim-Lab, PropTester, Frac-Tech, Proppant Test Centre of CNPC. All specs of our proppants well exceed China national standard SY/T51082006 and ISO13503-2:2006/API RP-19C standard with excellent long-term conductivity and permeability performance. FultonTec has been certified for its management systems of ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001. To meet customers’ needs in every possible way we can, FultonTec has implemented a full range and complete QC system within the company to ensure systematically an effective and efficient quality control system. To achieve this goal, FultonTec has built a state of the art R&D center with full scale of ceramic proppant testing equipments and an advanced pilot production plant.

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